4Personal Data and Privacy 个人数据和隐私

We will collect and use the information furnished by you in connection with the Order (“ Information ”) in accordance with the “Privacy Statement” as posted on the Website and this Clause 4. By furnishing the Information to us, you are agreeing to our use of the Information as set out herein.我们将收集和使用由您在按照为在本网站公布,

4.11 Collection of the Information shall be for the purposes of:信息收集应为以下目的:

(a)aproviding you with the Goods in accordance with your Order;根据您的订单向您提供货物;

(b)bmaintaining our records relating to you and your Order, in order that we may provide other services to you (if applicable);保持我们与您和您的订单相关的记录,以便我们可以为您提供其他服务(如适用);

(c)csending you information relevant to your Goods and advertising and promotional materials which may be of interest to you;向您发送与您的商品以及您可能感兴趣的广告和宣传材料相关的信息;

(d)d determining the amount of indebtedness owed to or by you (if any);确定您欠或由您负债的金额(如有);

(e) e collecting any amounts outstanding from you;收集您未付的任何款项; and / or /

(f) f any purposes directly and indirectly relating to any of the foregoing.与上述任何直接和间接有关的任何目的。

4.2 2 We will keep the Information confidential, but we may from time to time provide the Information to:我们将保密该信息,但我们可能不时将该信息提供给:

(a) aany governmental or statutory authorities pursuant to statutory or judicial order or in compliance with applicable laws;任何政府或法定机构根据法定或司法命令或遵守适用法律;

(b) bany other member(s) or affiliate(s) of LYC;LYCFS的任何其他成员或附属机构; and / or /

(c) c任何其他需要了解我们的保密义务的人,包括但不限于付款处理程序

4.3 3 We shall not accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever for any loss or damage suffered or incurred by you as a result of any use or misuse of any of the Information by any third party under whatever circumstances.对于因任何第三方在任何情况下使用或滥用任何信息而遭受或造成的任何损失或损害,我们不承担任何责任或义务。 You acknowledge and agree that your provision of the Information is made entirely at your own risk. 您承认并同意,您提供的信息完全由您自己承担风险。